What Happens When You Schedule Cosmetic Botox Injections?

Botox injections are often used by dermatologists to help patients achieve their anti-aging goals. Botox can reduce the severity of existing wrinkles while also preventing new wrinkles from forming. Botox injections are often administered in patients' foreheads and temples and in the areas around the eyes and mouth. Learning what to expect from Botox injections can prepare you for your doctor's appointment and the weeks that follow. Here are four things that will happen when you schedule cosmetic Botox injections:

1. Your doctor will choose the areas for Botox injections based on an examination.

No two people have the exact same facial features. The areas where wrinkles show up on the body can vary between people as well. That's why your dermatologist will begin your Botox treatment by conducting a thorough examination of your skin. They will identify areas of your face that can benefit from Botox injections. These areas will then be marked using a pen or makeup stick to ensure that your Botox injections are administered precisely.

2. Your doctor will numb the area to be injected.

Before your doctor injects Botox into your skin, they will first numb the area. This can be accomplished using numbing creams and sprays or ice packs. You may still feel a small pinch as the medication is injected into your muscles. However, any discomfort you feel should be minor and fleeting. The amount of discomfort you can expect from your Botox treatment will depend on several factors, such as your individual pain tolerance and the number of injections required.

3. You may notice some temporary swelling.

Most people notice very few negative side effects after Botox injections. However, you may experience temporary swelling at the injection sites. Initial swelling may be caused by pockets of Botox fluid beneath the skin. However, these small bumps should go away quickly as the medication is absorbed by your body. It's important not to rub your face immediately after treatment to avoid spreading the medication to unintended areas. Your doctor can give you advice on ways to manage bruising and swelling, including taking NSAIDs and using ice packs.

4. Your Botox results will become apparent after several days.

Finally, you'll have to be patient to see the results of your Botox treatment. Botox works by interfering with nerve signals to your muscles, relaxing those muscles over time to reduce wrinkles. It can take several days for Botox to fully affect the injection sites, which is why dermatologists typically wait a few weeks before performing any necessary touch-ups.

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