Answers To Help Patients With Addressing Unsightly Scars

When you suffer a serious cut or scrape, you may be at risk of developing an unsightly scar. While a scar can be an embarrassing problem to have, patients are often unaware of the possibility of undergoing scar reduction treatments or taking steps to reduce the formation of scars.

Are There Steps For Reducing The Formation Of Scars?

People will frequently assume that there is little that they can do to prevent a scar from forming. However, there are many factors that will greatly increase the risk of scars forming, and if you take steps to address these factors, you may be able to greatly minimize the risk of scars forming. For example, if a patient develops an infection, they will find that any scarring that occurs will be much more severe. Additionally, there are ointments that can be applied to wounds that are in the last stages of the healing process that will be able to reduce the prevalence of any scars that form.

How Do Scar Treatments Work?

Unfortunately, individuals will likely be unable to completely avoid the formation of scars or they may have older scars that they wish to have removed. Luckily, there are scar reductions treatments that patients can use to help reverse the cosmetic issues that these skin deformities can cause. When a patient only has mild scars, they may be able to reverse the visibility of the scars through the use of ointments that will promote the formation of new layers of skin over the scar. If a patient has particularly serious scars, laser scar removal may be the best option. This procedure will use a high-intensity laser to remove the top layer of skin from the scar so that new layers of skin will grow over it.

Will Undergoing Scar Treatments Be Extremely Painful?

While a scar treatment can be effective at removing these blemishes, patients may be hesitant about undergoing them due to concerns about these treatments being painful. This is particularly applicable for patients that will require laser treatments in order to reduce the visibility of their scars. However, patients should not expect to experience a significant amount of prolonged discomfort as a result of these treatments. Typically, patients will only experience a mild sensation of heat on the area that is being treated with the laser. After this procedure, there may be a slight tenderness due to the skin being irritated, but this will typically fade within a day or two. Unfortunately, patients may need to undergo these sessions multiple times before they achieve their desired results, but there may not be a more effective option for alleviating the cosmetic issues caused by scars. 

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